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The Morgan Duke Conservation Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to finding and protecting wild spaces from human-nature conflicts. These wild spaces, which can be beaches, forests, or parks, are threatened by pollution, habitat loss, vegetation trampling, and recreational misuse. Volunteers spearhead most of the Society’s efforts to combat human environmental impacts by:

Collecting and removing trash along the trails in the forests and beaches.

Creating wildlife habitat for wild animals that depend on young forests.

Planting tree seedlings to heal and repair undesignated trails

Educating people about the importance of taken care of the environment. ​

Since the 2013, President and Founder of the Morgan Duke Conservation Society, James Sullivan, has spent most summers in the Hudson River Recreation Area in the Adirondack Preserves. He watched the area change over time as the environmental impacts slowly built up and up and up. James love of visiting wild areas and his drive to keep them clean transformed the Society from a small, six-person operation into an organization that spans New York, New Jersey, and Tennessee and boasts more than 90 regular volunteers



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What makes us different?

100% Volunteering

At Morgan Duke Conservation Society our leadership team members, board members and volunteers do not get paid. Donations to the organization goes to our programs and operations.

We Do Not Lobby

Morgan Duke Conservation Society is 501(C)(3) under the IRS Code. We are not allowed to attempt to influence legislation (Known as Lobbying)

No Door-to-Door solicitation:

Morgan Duke Conservation Society volunteers never goes door to door asking for donations and we do not call homes and businesses asking for a donation.

Political Parties and Candidates:

Morgan Duke Conservation Society doesn’t support any political parties and candidates.

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