About Us

About Us

Morgan Duke Conservation Society maintains and preserves the natural resources and the environment in the Adirondack Preserves, Catskill Preserves, and other places in New York State. We want current and future generations to enjoy the natural resources and environment while they are camping, visiting, and hiking in our beautiful parks. No one should have to hike or camp in a natural environment where there is garbage all over the place, so we strive to keep our parks clean and beautiful.

Morgan Duke Conservation Society protects local wildlife, including threatened and endangered species and their habitats. One of the issues leading to wildlife habitat loss is people driving four wheel vehicles up and down steep embankments where it is not allowed. This causes the destruction of vegetation such as small trees and other local plants. In order to reduce this behavior, we educate the public about the importance of not driving over or throwing litter in the vegetated because of the substantial damage it causes to wildlife, including threatened and endangered wildlife species. Wildlife relies on this vegetation as a food source, habitat, protection from other animals, and much more.

Volunteers from the Morgan Duke Conservation Society explore and assist places in the Adirondack Preserves, Catskill Preserves, and other places in New York State to see if the places need assistance with cleaning up garbage from the large crowds of people who visit. We also explore and assist places that need assistance with wildlife habitat restoration such as planting trees where vegetation has been damaged.

Morgan Duke Conservation Society also helps with under-staffed state forests and management areas by painting trail gates, outhouses, and picnic tables. We believe that if structures or trail gates in the management areas and state forests get a fresh coat of paint, visitors may respect the environment more and the places will look more beautiful.

About Us

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